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Website design terms and conditions

1. Payment and financial conditions:
The price for website design varies depending on the type of plan
Additional costs for special needs, such as adding an online store to a plan that does not include a store, will be notified to the customer after calculation.
2. Responsibilities and duties:
Client Duties: Provide content (texts, images and videos) and appropriate feedback during the design process
Duties of the designer: user interface design, site development and technical tests.
3. Ownership rights:
After delivery, ownership rights and source code are transferred to the customer.
4. Changes and corrections:
Number of changes without extra charge: three times. Any additional changes at a cost of $50 per change.
5. Warranty and support:
Technical support and troubleshooting within 30 days after delivery of the final version.
6. Confidentiality and custody of information:
Customer information is not transferred to others and is kept confidential.
7. Contract termination conditions:
Cancellation of the contract with at least 15 days prior notice and in case of cancellation, no refund will be made.
8. Rules for using services:
Any improper or illegal use of content and images is prohibited.

It should be noted that a website design takes at least 10 days